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Welcome to

Your InstaManager

The Best, Simple way to grow your instagram account.

Welcome to

Your InstaManager

Making it easier for you to expand your reach in the world.

Welcome to

Your InstaManager

We take a load off your shoulders so your business can develop in the background while you work on more important things.

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About Us

Helping you grow

Let us manage your account for you! We will generate thousands of likes and followers! Simply post your pictures and let us do the rest, so you have more time to live your life!


Grow your Instagram account lightning fast by gaining thousands of followers and thousands of likes as well as attracting the attention from the people most important to your business.


Get your friends to sign up and receive incredible rewards. We encourage our members to refer other people to us in exchange for generous discounts.

We get results

Our services

Keeping your security in mind
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    24/7 Social Engagement

    Our systems interact with new potential followers through your account all day, every day. After your work day is over, you get to put your feet up and enjoy your life but your instagram account is constantly interacting with new people non-stop. Your steady activity increases the amount of eyes falling on your page.

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    Grow Your Followers Naturally

    We interact and engage with new people in order to get you more followers organically. We use our methods to generate the traffic desired from people who have a genuine interest in your posts. These are the people who will follow you back, like your posts, comment on your pictures and will eventually spread the word to their friends.

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    Real People, Real Accounts

    We’re not here to sell you Bots (robot accounts), we here to get you real organic followers. Buying followers gets you nowhere; having followers is one thing, but Bots generally won't comment on or like anything you do. Nobody will take you seriously and everyone will know you bought your popularity.

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    Save Money by Spreading the Word

    It doesn't take very much. Simply get a friend to join, and you will permanently upgrade to the next level. Don't worry, your friends can benefit from the same savings once they get one of their friends to sign on as well. Do you have more friends who want to join? If you get a total of 8 friends to join, our service drops from 55$ to 15$ for you.


We interact with accounts relative to your niche, targeting new potential followers every day. This daily activity guarantees that your account gains as much exposure to your peers and other entrepreneurs involved in your instagram community.


We’ve built a system that allows us to Like, Comment, & Follow for you, growing your account over night. All you have to do is let us know what you're looking to gain and we'll make sure your account is optimized for exactly that.


Our system works 100% safely. Everything we do is within the limits of Instagram. Our interactions with other accounts are always pleasant and positive to ensure your account is constantly active and never gets flagged.


Our service is only 55$ a month and this gives you unlimited access to all of our tools and services. If you simply want to like peoples profiles, if you prefer to only comment, or if your goal is to gain as many followers as possible, we take care of it all and we're always on the clock.


This is a 24/7 business with no breaks or holidays. From the second you sign up, you will experience uninterrupted service that will guarantee you the gains you're looking for. The greatest feeling is waking up in the morning with a notification saying you gained 109 followers over night. We won't stop until you do.


Referring friends makes it cheaper for you. Get a friend to sign up and you get permanently upgraded to a better plan. If you know a lot of people, refer them all and we'll make sure you never have to pay for our service again!


We use our skills to navigate through Instagram and perform all of our actions in the background while you still enjoy all the pleasures of your Instagram. You will never be prevented from browsing or using any features while we're hard at work getting you noticed.


Your information will always remain private. Rest assure that we don't sell our clients information to any third party companies or government bodies. We respect and value our customers and vow to keep your information strictly within the confines of our offices.

Why manage your account?

The Benefits

What does this bring you?

Maybe you aren't completely aware of all the advantages that come with having your account managed by us. Let us show you what you can expect.

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Grow Your Business and gain clients

The only way to really grow a business is to grow your clientele. Your clientele is the people who are interested in your product and will or have already purchased it. On instagram, your followers are your clients. A large amount of business can come from your followers seeing your products in your posts, and will translate into future orders. Make your business even more successful.


Become Instafamous

Instead of following everyone, everyone will follow you. You will become the center of attention and attract the gaze of some very important people. You might get contacted by other celebrities for collaboration opportunities. You can also get invited to some very important and prestigious events. There is no telling what may happen in the mile high club. One thing is certain, your life will definitely become more interesting.


Make Money Through Instagram

The best part of becoming famous on Instagram is having tons of companies throw themselves at you so you can promote their products. The more followers you have, the more valuable you are to them, and the more money you can ask in exchange for a minimal service. You can make thousands of dollars for simple shoutouts, or you can easily make hundreds of thousands of dollars charging the big companies for advertising on your page. Making this kind of money has never been so effortless.


Get Sponsored

With so many followers looking at every single one of your posts, brands will delight in having you endorse their products. They will send you toys, clothes or merchandise in exchange for a few pictures of you using or wearing them. You will receive tons of goods for free and if you’re good at it, you might eventually become an ambassador for the brand.


What we can offer

Our Pricing

Solutions for everyone

Join for the first time or take advantage of our ridiculous promotion! Your price drops every time you get friends to sign up. You don't need to have all your friends sign up at once, you can refer one at a time and we'll keep the tab.

  • Beginner Hustler

  • $50

  • Refer 1 Friend
  • Drop by 5$/month
  • Junior Advocate

  • $45

  • Refer 2 Friends
  • Drop by 10$/month
  • Insane Promotion

  • ...

  • Refer More Friends
  • Your Price Keeps Dropping
  • Keep Your Benefits
  • Keep Your Discount for Life*

*You keep your membership price as long as your account stays active.

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